CHP Heatmaps Archive FAQ

What do the heatmaps represent?

The heatmaps represents the density of the incident type in a particular area.

Areas shaded red have a high occurrence of the selected incident.

Areas shaded yellow or green have some occurrences of the selected incident.

Areas not shaded have no recorded incidents of the selected type.

How far back does the heatmap data go?

The heatmaps shows the last 25,000 incidents of the selected type.

However, only started collecting CHP incident data in December 2016, so some categories have significantly less than 25,000 incidents.

The oldest recorded incident for the selected incident type is shown at the bottom of the heatmap.

How often are the heatmaps updated?

Every minute.

Where does the incident data come from?

See the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

How can I get a Google Street View of a particular location on the map?

Drag the Street View "guy" on the bottom right of the map to the area you want to view.

If the area is highlighted blue, that means a Google Street View is available.

How do I navigate the Google Map?

Tap on a red marker to reveal incident details.

On a smartphone, use pinch multi-touch to zoom in and out.

On a desktop, double click to zoom-in. CTRL + double click to zoom-out.

What are the Terms of Service?

Although the service tries its best, is presented with no warranty or guarantee of accurate information.

Incidents you may be familiar with may not show up on the map for three main reasons:

1. CHP occasionally does not specify a unique ID for a posted incident, making it difficult for a computer to track.

2. CHP does not publicly post about traffic incidents that involve criminal activity.

3. Although rare, the data feed from CHP may be subject to unannounced downtime.

If you try to scrape the content of with a computer program, you will be banned.

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I have an iOS device, is there a similar app to

Yes, CHP Traffic and Fire Incidents.

What does CHP stand for?

CHP stands for California Highway Patrol.

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